28 April 2009

The evidence....

Well here is some of the evidence of my Polish Poppy Seed bread. I baked it early this morning but as you can see some bunny has been nibbling at it.

I've been off from work last week and this week - what a difference this time has made! I've cleaned the windows all 50 feet of them - yes that's just the outside - double that for what I do inside and out! I was quite lucky that while rain was predicted it didn't appear until Monday. Even so the rain was nothing on the windows and they are still lovely. And today is again sunny - at least that bit helps the dough rise.

I've also been able to clear out some stuff from the second bedroom which has become the junk room of the flat. I've gotten loads of stuff ready to go to the charity shop and tip. What an accomplishment in such a short space of time. What about you - do you spring clean?


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