3 April 2009

Time for a change...

Well two posts in such a short space of time you all will be spoilt! But I have been having some time off and thought I'd change the colours of the blog. I really should figure out how to change the whole thing to my liking but alas I'm just too busy to fuss around with it (perhaps a bit lazy too!).

Have been thinking about Easter and what to make J for the day. Well finally had a clear out of all those magazine cuttings one does and thinks - yeah, I'll make that but then they go into the cupboard or drawer and promptly are forgotten. Well finally put them into one of my notebooks and it is now full! But at least it is in some sort of order rather than the chaos I had before.

So flipping though that I found this recipe for double-chocolate hot cross buns. Well I don't do the normal hot cross buns as I don't do the dried fruit bit. I am very picky about what dried fruit I eat (mostly raisins and such but only in certain things) and more importantly what they are in! But I digress...in any event the recipe seems quite good in that you replace the fruit for chocolate. How bad can that be?

I'll post something on how they turn out but I expect they will disappear just like everything else in this house! Do you have a favourite thing you like to make on Easter? If so let me know.


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