31 March 2009

Beauty of Spring....

Sometimes the best things in life are those you never expect. Like the following picture of a poinsettia plant that I got which wasn't bigger than 3 inches when I got it but now it is a towering plant and this is the second year it has turned red and the first year I got the actual flowers. What a joy - albeit later than Christmas but still a joy to view! My other poinsettia plant is much bigger than this one and when I got it - it was pitiful - just three leaves and looked so tired! But it too is now turning red on the very tips. When it's got something more to post I'll add a snap.

Now this is a picture of some freesias I got from a friend. One day the postie came and I thought 'Who could these be from?' as I wasn't expecting them and J was there with me so I knew they weren't from him. I had never heard of freesias before but what a lovely scent they give off! And they just keep on giving and opening their petals to exude more lovely scent.

Spring is in the air....I can smell it!

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