12 April 2009

What the Easter Bunny Baked...and then left!

Well these are the double-chocolate hot cross buns I made for Easter. I have never been one for the traditional buns - all that fruit just isn't my thing. But figured this was different enough to give it a go and see if its any good.

I found the recipe in Country Living last year which I only happened upon a bit ago when trying to sort out all my recipe cuttings. I finally put them all in a notebook so that at least I could note which ones I tried and liked. I would then of course write it up in my other written book so that I had notes all together of what I did differently from the original recipe. As with just about anything in life tastes change and you alter slightly things (in this case recipes) to suit the time and place. Well at least I do...what do you do? So to end your anticipation here is a picture of all my current recipes - yes, way too many but what would you expect from moi? I always aim to please! =)

Off to enjoy those buns with a nice cuppa as they say...


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