5 February 2012

Mother Nature’s Way of Decorating...

You would think being in England that we’d get a lot of snow – perhaps they do in the north but as close as we are to water and the South East we have only had it a handful of winters that I’ve been living here. In 2010 we had a boat load over a few days that took ages to go away but so far this winter has been exceptionally mild. It’s only been in the last week that we’ve gotten the really cold temperatures (below freezing) with the cold front that came in from Russia and Eastern Europe.

In any event, last night just shortly after 10pm the flurries began and Mother Nature decided to do some of her own decorating. I always marvel at how she does it. Like rain that can fall on one half of the street – one side of the street got more snow than the other.

Here’s a picture of the tree across the road from my flat – all pretty in white – ready for the ball. However, the poor cousin across the street wasn’t so lucky and seemed to be half-undressed on this occasion.And at last my favourite picture all the roofs all shiny and white! At the very end is the estuary we see from our windows – needless to say no boats or ships travelling today.Nothing about cookery today but just had to share this wonder – we don’t see it often here but when you do you are always amazed. Enjoy!

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