4 April 2009

The remains of dinner...

Oh my what a habit this is becoming in that I've made so many posts but I am trying to be better - if just a bit!

Dinner was cannelloni with ricotta and spinach. The pasta was of course home made but the ricotta was reduced and the rest was in the house. It is such an easy meal to prepare and also economical too!

I keep finding things at the stores bizarre to say the least. While out the other day we noticed all the stores pushing their own brands and how great their are - both in taste and on the pocket book. I recently went to this site which ranks the supermarkets own brand items against the 'real' brands. I found it interesting and will at some point try to have a better look but the few items I tried to look at were not things that we buy so it is pretty much useless for us. Perhaps someone else will find it useful.

In any event, I'm off to bed now that J and I both had a meal that cost us about £3.00 and we'll get another meal or two from it we feel quite swish with ourselves!


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