31 January 2010


"To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer."
— Mahatma Gandhi

So much in that quote...do think about it.

30 January 2010

Ooooo...too long yet again

Well again a long drought between posts but life is for living and that is what I have been doing. I've been busy with holidays, work, and Christmas! It's something that rolls around every year but as usual I'm forever trying to catch up and do things.

I haven't been baking much per se - nothing other than the usual for us and some friends especially at Christmas. I have this recipe I make for granola - too addictive for words really - well a friend at work calls it her 'crack cocaine' I'm inclined to agree. One taste and you will never enjoy the stuff that comes from a box. So this year most people got the good stuff....homemade ganola.

I recently made did a Sushi Demo day at the library for a Manga Day that we had. We had about 150 people who all came in costume and did a whole day of Japanese things. It was interesting and great to have people there who were interested in how to make their own Sushi. I must admit I at first was intimidated in making it and thought there was no way I could do it adequately. Honestly, I've only made it about 6 or 7 times before giving this demo! Honest! I'm hardly an experienced Japanese chef but I'm not willing to devote 10 years of my life to making the most artistic sushi either. If it is edible and looks OK then I'm happy with it. I try for the pictures in books but hey they are just a guide. Live in the moment and not for the picture!

That's it for the time being...off to live the life but just had to do the posting. I'll post without my sushi picture but will try to remember to bring one back home to post with this posting soon. Over and out...

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