12 April 2009

Vintage purses and findings....

Well this is mostly a cookery blog but thought I'd share the latest find I got on eBay. I love these small pearl clutch purses. I cannot say what makes me gravitate towards them but they are just so cute! I used this small purse for my mobile. I have a little sock thing but I used this to organise my purse (yes, it is a bit disgusting that everything has a place in my purse!).

This one is brand new and came yes, in its own box! It also came with a bevelled double-sided mirror (not sure why as you can only look at one side but cute nonetheless, and a small change purse. When you feel the weight of these purses you'll know why I love them. They feel like something and they are so utilitarian. What do I do with them you ask? I use them as purses (as they are called on this end of the pond) or wallets as known in the US.

A long time ago I was pick-pocketed. Not the happiest of days but I swore then that I would no longer use a traditional wallet. So I began using these small purses to keep my change in. I then found a nice one that has a snap closure rather than a zipper for my credit cards. I find this generates a lot of conversation at the tills - as everyone is interested in what they are. My point...? Be different and adapt things to your use. Some people will only see these as too small to carry their lip stick and etc. in. That may be but they still have a life with me and I buy then whenever I can (translate into when they are cHeAp!).

Well I'll take a snap of the inside of my handbag some other time - you really will be sick as I'm a neat freak inside the bag! Till the next time!


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