31 August 2007

When a door closes...

You know I've always had faith that when a door closes a window opens. Essentially that things were 'meant' to happen and that you needed to have faith in fate or whatever you want to call it. However, there comes a point when you wonder how can people live with themselves and be so unkind? I do often wonder how well they sleep but perhaps it is only me that is not sleeping because the other party obviously is! I know all of this sounds cryptic and it will to but only a few people who ever might read this posting or who will know what I'm referring to, but for now I won't commit it to print. At least not while the liable laws are/could be in their favour and not in mine. When they are in mine you can look forward to a song....

Until then, this isn't goodbye but so long. I have faith that things work out and when we look back on this date in a few months time we'll be able to laugh and see that after all it was how it was meant to be!

4 August 2007

Muffins - English or otherwise...

The other day I wanted to have a what I call 'eggy muffin'. Very similar to that horrid thing those crappy golden arcs sell by what I imagine is a comfortable margin but everything to my own standards. Well of course - what else would you expect?

I've always just bought the muffin parts but since getting on the baking bandwagon I've now decided it is time to take the plunge and make my own. So armed with a recipe (Rose Levy Beranbaums's from the Bread Bible) away I went.

Her recipe was quite easy and although you can let the sit for longer (24 hours if you like) I didn't. I made it with the minimum hours needed and they still turned out great. My only thing since making them is that I would probably form them by hand (using my largest cutter yielded too small of a muffin) and I would finish them off in the oven to keep them warm while continuing the cooking on the cast iron griddle. Only because mine seems to make them blacker than even I like.

However, all I can say is how easy they are. I will no longer buy them and instead will just freeze the leftovers. Now...on to brioche! Wish me luck!

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