31 May 2015

As always busy living and being...

Oops...it’s again been a long time since posting.  I guess with work and home and just trying to do what has to be done I get caught up in the moments and forget to post something here for posterity.  I’ll try to be better but cannot promise – life is for living.  I admire those who dedicate time to make or create and then post weekly or even daily.  I don’t know how you do it as I know I find it difficult.


I have been busy with work and being on-call one weekend a month does mean less time doing what I want cooking/shopping wise but such is life.  I spent a good portion of the winter months rolling roses – to decorate my packages.  I know I’m onto a good thing – I can at least make them and they come out so cute!  Here are a few different pictures that I took of ones I did recently.

I then tried a new recipe for crab meat cannelloni – yes, I did get the tin of crab meat reduced and had been keeping for just such a dish.  I made my own pasta for this one and the rest was quite easy to whip up.  
I think the only difference I would do is use single cream instead of double cream – I found that the original recipe was too rich as well as too thick – it needed to be a bit thinner in consistency for me.  However, something that I’d make again and I would probably use more herbs in addition to the chives as I didn’t use the rocket on top – I just served with a small salad in one meal and the other was broccoli as it made two meals for us.  Also since I used home made pasta I’d freeze it instead of keeping in the fridge (although it was OK it did get a bit ‘wet’).

That's it for the moment.  I have a few other projects I'm working on and I finally got to go out with a friend of mine charity shopping for a day.  We went from one end of Rayleigh to Shoeburyness - it was pouring down but we didn't care.  I got loads of items and it's probably been the best charity shopping I've done in ages.  Stay tuned - more to come yet!

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