4 August 2009

Feast of cake....

Well again it's been a long time since I last posted but as usual I'm a busy bee. I've been working like mad and when not at work just enjoying life and things like that. I look at other people's blogs and do wonder how they find the time - I'm busy with life and to post as well (sometimes every day!) would do me in.

In any event, it is J's birthday again and another Death by Chocolate cake was made. This time it was Deep Fudge Espresso Cake (to help me avoid the great big 'nut hunt' as I call it!). And boy is it full of espresso! It's a good thing I'm not sensitive to caffeine or else I would be in big trouble!

I had a bit of trouble with the icing - it somehow got bits of chocolate that either didn't incorporate well or hardened before I could mix it all in - I'm not sure which but in any event it sure was good! I'm a terrible piper but it isn't how it looks as J says - it is the thought and work that go into it that matter most....awwww...how sweet!

Enjoy your summer!


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