25 June 2012

Busy as always...

Well we've been super busy and thought I'd just come on to say I'm still around and all but life at the moment is very hectic.

Usually we are buzzed quite a bit by the helicopters and such but lately our skies have had a number of unusual incidents.  This was back in mid-May and then again in early June (just before the Jubilee weekend) when we saw the Good Year Blimp

We've never seen it in America and I think it's rather funny that I first get to see this here in the UK!  What a mind trip.

Then last weekend we had another unusual event with a rescue helicopter this time by Essex Air Ambulance.  A motorcyclist crashed into the barriers in the underpass which surprisingly is a common occurrence because of the way people drive around here (it's sometimes really like boy racers around here!).
Thankfully he was lucky according to the local newspaper and will have some life-changing injuries but has lived.  But this isn't something you see every day around here even with the number of accidents we have seen over the years with this underpass.  
My next entry will be about our bed saga so stay tuned - it is not to be missed I assure you!  Stay safe and enjoy!

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