1 June 2010

Cookbooks as promised...

In my last post I promised some pictures of my cookbooks...well I'm not going to obviously take pictures of all of them (I just don't have that kind of time!) but thought I'd share some of the newer ones I've been into lately.

This book I saw in the title in a magazine and thought..cute title and put it in my watch lists on various sites. Up it came (cheap of course!) and this copy has obviously suffered some sort of water damage but because the paper was of good quality it seems to have survived relatively unscathed.

It's called "America Cooks" by The Browns. It's really a sweet book - a compendium of recipes for all 48 States (well it was back then only 48!). It's got a lot of English recipes (as it should do!), along with some very unusual ingredients (possum, squirrel to name but two). I haven't made anything from it but it sure does get the culinary juices flowing that's for sure!

Then this one I found in my travels...it's called "La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange". I got it a while ago but have only recently begun going through it. While written originally in French it now has been translated into English. I have the French version which is old - not sure by how much but the binding is starting to go but still it has Character with a capitol C!

Finally, this is the book that began my collection...it was my grandmother's and then of course my mother's and then mine. It was the only cookbook that was in our house. My mother had a recipe box but otherwise cooked from memory, just about how I cook now. A bit of this, a bit of that...how great to have something different each time!

And finally...not a book at all but just some clippings. I found these amongst some recipes that were my Aunt's. Unfortunately, they are in Polish and I'm not all that fluent in the language. Shame! Someday I hope to get them translated but until then they are in safe keeping. Just full of character!
So there you have it a snippet of the books I'm travelling through...enjoy!

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