5 August 2009

Just so neat...

Well I got this tin full of buttons from a friend at work which I wasn't expecting - the tin I mean. The buttons I'll do in another posting once I'm finished with my project but this one is about the tin. I just thought it was so cute and decided to share it with everyone else (whoever it is that reads this blog - if anyone other than me!).

A friend at work had a mum who was a seamstress and wanted her buttons to go to a good home where they would be used. Well in this house they will be (it's going to be my winter project - sewing!) but the tins that they came in - well what a bonus! This one is just so cute. The other tin was a WWII milk tin of which I have one but it was a later variety and in better condition. In any event, this one tine I got a few snaps for you to enjoy!


Khyati said...

Thats really cute.. Im also from England and Ive just moved here to the states.

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