30 March 2011

Love that reduced asile!

Again a delay in posting but my computer died - it was sad but they do this sometimes. So had to source a new motherboard that would work with what I did have so that I wouldn't have to ditch the whole thing. This took some time and then of course delivery, someone to put it together (as I'm not that good!), etc. So needless to say it's been a few months of no computer.

Anyway, I am off this week so it gives me some time to sort out the computer as I upgraded to Windows 7. I'm not sure that was a good idea but one has to move on and it was about time to move up with the times.

My other piece of news is that finally I have bought myself a digital camera - a proper one! I won a gift certificate for a competition I entered which shocked me completely as I never win so now I have to stop saying that! I've kept the certificate as I wasn't sure what to get, what I wanted that badly, etc. I'm rather like that with just about anything - the Boots card has a bunch of points on it, the Sainsburys card is also the same. It's a habit! So new camera to get to grips with and while it is an easier one (I bought it just for its ease) it still takes time to get used to how it works, etc.

Today I went out to do my usual and look for any bargains that are to be had. I was getting towards the end of my spree down the High Street and sadly I had little to show for my hard work. It wasn't that I couldn't find anything - I could - just not at a price I was willing to pay.

So sadly, I called it a day and went to the grocery store for the few things I needed. It was about half five or so and it began bleak - no reduced veg to be had! I then hit the meat aisle where they have any fresh meat/fish that's reduced. Well at least this aisle did not let me down as you can see from below!

I was just super lucky - everything was organic (bar the plaice and wild salmon) but what didn't get into the picture was a leg of lamb. I'll write about that tomorrow as that will be our dinner. I was so pleased to finally get some good bargains.

As you can see most items were under the £2.00 limit. Since most of my meals are for two I try to find things that way. Although there was more there at the store - as my friend say - God doesn't like greedy! I got what I knew I could use, freeze and have for dinner. The rest I left for someone else to get a bargain.

The sausages I split into lots of two with 3 sausages each in the freeze. These are great for my quick work-week meals of cooked breakfast. The Brits have what they call the full English - eggs, mushrooms, fried tomatoes, sausages and/or bacon, fried toast and tea/coffee. I do something similar for us except we eat it for dinner instead of breakfast. BTW, I don't make fried bread - never had it as it's a piece of bread fried in oil but I do occasionally have toast with jam.

The fish will be saved for many a week night supper - I sometimes just bake it or lately I've taken to putting it in a frying pan with a small knob of butter and cooking it that way so the skin gets crispy. The frying steak will make some great fajitas. So for £7.82 I will get 8 meals out of the above picture. I think that's rather good!

I forgot to take a picture of all the dairy I got as well. I wanted to get it into the fridge but got milk (organic 1%) for £0.55p, some lovely strawberry yoghurt (£0.65p), some mature cheddar (£1.35) and some more organic whole milk (£0.22p). If I remember I'll try to get a shot of that tomorrow.

More later about the leg of lamb and some pictures I took of my poppyseed bread (just the prep bit). Enjoy!


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