12 October 2014


I know that’s not a word but what else can one say about something so simple in ingredients – Flour, Salt, Yeast and Water that make something so lovely.  The only thing you have to do is wait – patience is the virtue and cannot harm your bread. 

I just took this out of the oven and it looks so lovely had to share a photo of it.  I use my usual starter (as I do with anything I make) and added a bit of rye to the whole mix just to add texture and flavour.  I mix it up each time I bake – why keep to the same recipe?  I never tire of trying something different – sometimes it’s wholemeal, or brown, or whatever is in the cupboard that needs using. 

And the smell well that too doesn’t go wrong and the radiant heat that stays in the flat also makes it homey.  I just love baking bread – it is what gives you life!  Enjoy!


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