20 September 2014

Nothing Fishy Here....

When browsing the aisles I found some fish I’d never had before of course reduced.  As you can see each fish cost me £0.88p each – so for my main meal it was £1.76 for us both.  That didn’t include my other bits but in total the whole meal (food and fuel) cost me £4.00.  I don’t have a particular price point for my meals – this would mean I’d be limiting myself.  Sometimes I find things reduced and just have to try them – this was gurnards.  I just couldn’t pass them up. 

I hadn’t a clue about what to do with them – thank goodness for Rick Stein’s Seafood book!  It showed me what to do and while I had a few recipes I kept it simple with just some parsley, white wine and a knob of butter (OK – some Old Bay Seasoning might have gotten in there too!). 

I hope the next time you see something reduced and don’t know what to do you’ll think again and get it and give it a try.  I’m very glad that I did and yes, I found them again at an even cheaper price and yes, got them again!


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