25 August 2012

Birthday and cake…

Yet another birthday for J – and as usual another cake from that old favourite book Death by Chocolate.  This year he wanted a simple chocolate cake and picked this one as it was rather simple to make and we had most of the ingredients in the house already.

It was a pretty simple cake batter to make and other than a bit odd in it’s preparation it went well and cake came out really great from the oven.  The frosting however, was beyond bad.  I’m not a ‘big’ icing fan and will usually scrape it off the cake before I even eat it.  It was a simple icing sugar/butter with cocoa powder.  I’m not a fan of chocolate at the best of times (I know this is hard to believe but it really isn’t my favourite thing!) but the icing was bad.  I cannot fault the recipe it just wasn’t a great pairing with the cake.

So a disappointment that all my friends got to enjoy – so they are happy I’m sure.    I think I’d try something different but exactly what I am not sure as it really was a very light cake and closely resembled Angel Food in that lightness kind of way.  Oh well, live and learn but never this icing again!


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