18 June 2011

Some time away...

Sorry for the lack in postings as of late - I've vastly improved I think! =)

However, work is gearing up for me with several projects that I have to implement and I'm also going away on holiday the first week of July. My sister is coming from North Carolina and her daughter (my niece!) and we're renting a cottage down in Dorset. This is a picture of the harbour that we'll be overlooking when there!
So I'm making many preparations and trying to keep the home fires burning. Why is it women juggle several things and seem to be the only ones who feel guilty when they don't get it all done? I am so sure men do not have this complex!

We've also had a run in with our sad Polish vehicle - the FSO Caro - in that the darn thing started a fire in one of the back wheels! I know - if you knew me you would know that my luck is like CRAP! Anyway, we have been looking for a new car. So the silence isn't to be mean but out of necessity. The last thing I want to do when staring at a computer all day is come home and do the same.

As for the reduces aisle lately this too has been sparse. I have found a few bits and pieces but nothing good as I have in past. But we've also been living off of the freezer to get it lower so I could defrost it (yes, oh joy!).

OK - I'm off to do a few things down the High Street. I'll be back in mid-July with more adventures and pictures. I wish there was more time in the day but alas we all only have 24 hours - such a little amount of time! Make it worth it and try to do something different! Enjoy!


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