4 March 2007

Feeding America Project

I was ambling around the web doing my usual, finding links of interest and stumbled upon the Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project. What a treat of a find! All manner of old cookbooks dedicated to American cookery.

While I have a great number of old cookery books (some American and some English) I was pleased to discover this site. You can view the actual pages on-line or download them in .pdf format for perusal off-line. What a gift! I even found one that I have in my own collection which can be found here. I really only had gotten the book for the title and not its historical significance. I just loved the title 'The way to a man's heart...' classic isn't it?

Don't go to this link and think you'll only spend a few minutes there - I've been there for over an hour just perusing the titles and pictures. I have even downloaded a few of the files for looking at later. I just love old cookery books.

I did a bit of updating on my website - more pictures of my purses and such. Although I like being able to post to this blog the website attracts a number of hits and I try to keep news current there. However, since my Uni career is now over (for the time being!) there isn't much to be posted on the web site.

Enjoy the site...


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