23 May 2011

Toaster Delight!

Well I’ve finally gone and done it. I have gotten the toaster of my dreams. Long before I moved to England I knew of Dualit toasters – they are famous! I have wanted one for absolutely ages and have fondled them more than I care to mention in the stores. I just could never justify the outlay. Recently though our toaster has been making protests and doing very odd things so again we’ve been eyeing the Dualit’s.

I have been seriously thinking we just need to ‘Nike’ it (means – just do it!). But then while at work I was posting some items to our notice board (electronic version) of events at the library and saw a notice about a Dualit toaster. Not one to let this slide I had to investigate.

Peeking inside the advert was a For Sale advert of now one disused Dualit toaster that was a three-slot toaster. What luck! All for the incredible price of under £50! I couldn’t believe it. But alas the advert was now about 3-4 days old and I was sure it was gone. I mean they are expensive and any other time I’ve replied to one of these adverts the item is gone. So I e-mailed the person and got a reply back that it was still available!

I swear I didn’t even think of J and what he would say but just said ‘I’ll take it!’ I know brave or what? Usually we always talk about our purchases to death to make sure it’s what we want; will we be happy, etc. But I knew I wanted it – just like a purse and I was going to have it regardless!

I looked at it and was happy it was an original and everything I wanted. It came home last week and it really is lovely. It took some figuring out with all the buttons and dials but really it keeps the toast warm and allows you to go at your pace rather than having to do things double-quick!

So now another want has been fulfilled and I’ve kept to a few principles;

  • I helped recycled an older appliance that still has loads of life left in it
  • I got an impressive bargain yet again!
  • It does double duty as a toaster but also the third slot does toasted sandwiches

So go out and find your bargain – you never know it could be something you’ve always dreamed of owning but never thought you’d get the chance to! Enjoy!


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