24 March 2007

Quiche and other things men supposedly don't eat!

About a year ago I found this site for flour - very good and can recommend them quite highly. I got several different flours and their bulk yeast. I thought it was good value for money and it actually is on par with Red Star, which is suppose to come from France. I believe this one came from Holland. However, performance for me is always key - this yeast is very good and performs spot on.

The one flour that I found interesting was the one for pastry that is/was the same kind as used in M&S pastry. I haven't had it (pastry from M&S that is) so cannot comment but it really is lovely. I don't make many things with pastry but recently made a quiche with it and it really came out great. Only thing is that is doesn't roll quite like my normal pastry but once you know this you can compensate for it.

I also got Masa Harina so that I can make my own corn tortillas. And yes, I am so sad that I finally got a cast iron tortilla press from the good old USA (via Mexico) so that I can press them out rather than having to roll them.
Pictures finally attached! Although I might try rolling them but we shall see. Now all I have to do is clean and season a cast iron skillet that I got for the job. It isn't a pan with a lip but no lip and very flat rather like a griddle but with a handle if that makes sense. I need to get it clean - lots of rust on it but perhaps when I am off next week. I found an article on-line about bringing them back to life.

Off to dream of future meals.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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